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On March 28, 2006, NHL and Terex-Unit Rig jointly invested 50 million yuan (50% each) to establish Terex NHL Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter NHL Mining) to produce large electric drive mining trucks. In December 2009, Bucyrus, an American mining machinery giant, invested US $1.3 billion to acquire Terex Mining Department, in which Unit Rig was also involved, and the corresponding foreign shareholder of NHL Mining became Bucyrus. In November 2010, Caterpillar of the United States put forward a plan to acquire Bucyrus as a whole, so that the foreign shareholder of NHL mining became Caterpillar again.

The establishment of NHL Mining has directly introduced the manufacturing technology of mining trucks with a capacity of more than 150 tons into China, which not only fills the gap in the field of manufacturing technology of mining trucks with super large tonnage in China, but also spans more than 40 years of foreign R & D process and shortens the distance for us to reach the international level. The company's existing main electric drive mining trucks are: 120, 150, 170-190, 190-205, 240-260 and 360 tons, most of the products are used for copper, coal, gold and iron ore.

Terex NHL Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. located in grassland steel city, will provide users with world-class super large tonnage electric drive trucks.       


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