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Career Development

Career Development


The company combines the employees' own career with the company's goal and vision, continuously promotes the improvement of employees' own ability and performance, and achieves their own career development path.

The company has planned two channels for employees, namely management channel and professional channel. Through vertical career promotion and horizontal career transformation, it provides multiple career development opportunities for employees, so that employees' career is more consistent with the development of NHL.

The management channel is suitable for the employees who have strong comprehensive management quality and can lead the team to achieve the goal and vision;

The professional channel is suitable for the employees who have outstanding professional skills and can make breakthroughs in the field of professional technology.

At the beginning of their career development, the employees need to focus on the accumulation of basic knowledge and skills in various aspects, so as to form a more comprehensive cognition and understanding of the business. With the accumulation of various knowledge and skills, each employee needs to think and choose the most suitable occupation for their own development, choose management channel or professional channel, formulate career development plan and develop in the career channel.

Employee promotion is mainly reflected in the change of post level. The successful employees get promoted with their strength and unremitting efforts. The principles of promotion are: first, sustained high performance; second, showing the required ability at a higher level; third, business development and needs.


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