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Service Idea

Service Idea


Service Idea

Product quality is the foundation for the survival and development of any enterprise, and product service is the source of power for any product to enter the market. Because of this, since the day of its establishment, NHL has consistently regarded the improvement of product quality and service quality as the core of the company's operation and management.

The wish of NHL is to satisfy users. Since its establishment in 88, the company has gone through 22 years of ups and downs. We have learned to survive and grow in the test of changing market demand. We have worked hard when the market demand is low, and growen rapidly when the market demand is strong, and become more mature in dealing with the crisis. We have always been striving for self-improvement and improving our quality in the market competition of survival of the fittest. The sales of trucks range from 120 to 500 each year, and the domestic market share of our products is from zero to more than 70%. This achievement is due to the fact that the company has a corporate culture that can regard the needs of users as their own survival needs. The company's development process explains: customer supremacy is the treasure of NHL's survival and development.

In 2008, according to the company's user concept and its service characteristics, from the perspective of marketization, the company formally positioned the customer service policy with the characteristics of NHL culture: win-win platform, nanny service, personalized satisfaction, and permanent support. This policy aims to take the needs of users as the guidance, and take a considerate, comprehensive and quick way as a means to treat every customer as a lifelong friend of NHL. Our services can make our products to run economically and efficiently and create maximum value for users. Let users feel that NHL is the most reliable partner.

The customer service center undertakes the business training, after-sales service, technical support, maintenance contracting, service contracting and spare parts sales for users. The employees are the most direct practitioners of the corporate culture. The company's customer concept, service policy and user policy are reflected through their work in users. Therefore, the company puts forward higher requirements for the employees engaged in service work: to please users with attitude, to convince users with skills, to infect users with integrity, and to retain users with satisfaction. The company's commitment to users is: reply in 24 hours, go to the scene in 48 hours, solve the problems in 72 hours. The staff of the customer service center have lived up to the company's heavy trust. In such a company worthy of employee's dedication, their hard work not only gains the customer’s praise for product service work, but also their trust in NHL. It indicates the market's acceptance of Terex and NHL products.

Strict and meticulous training is the premise for the user to use the equipment well. After the user purchases the trucks, the training personnel shall conduct technical training for the user's equipment operation and maintenance personnel, and issue the training certificate to them. The equipment operator must hold the "truck operation training certificate" to operate the trucks.

Timely service is the guarantee for users to use the equipment well. During the warranty period, the service personnel will require the user to operate and maintain the trucks in strict accordance with the regulations, and use oil and spare parts that meet the requirements. Help users to be familiar with the technical performance of the trucks and master the use and maintenance skills of the trucks. Solve all kinds of problems in the process of using the trucks. At the same time, the quality problems should be fed back to the company truly and quickly, so as to provide accurate information for the continuous improvement of the company's product quality. After service center is responsible for the quality problems of products according to the company's product warranty policy.

Economic and continuous technical support is an effective means to keep customers' trust. The warranty of any product is limited, but the technical support provided by NHL to users is unlimited. As long as the user needs, NHL will provide various technical support timely.

Providing personalized service to users with different needs is a new service mode developed by the company to adapt to the market in recent years. The main business includes: maintenance contracting, service contracting, equipment buying back and renovation and equipment leasing. Professional management is the direction and the best way to achieve win-win cooperation between equipment supply and demand. It is the most professional and reassuring for the user to hand over the equipment to the manufacturer to repair. In recent years, through our cooperation with Ninxia Coal, Huaneng, China Railway 19 Bureau, TISCO, Shenhua and other users in the above business, the working conditions of trucks has been greatly improved, the use efficiency of trucks has been maximized, and the user's trust in NHL has been further enhanced. We are looking forward to cooperating with more users in these service modes to tap the cooperation depth of both sides and broaden the cooperation fields of both sides. With complementary advantages as the means and mutual benefit as the goal, the two sides can achieve more perfect cooperation.

High quality and complete spare parts supply is the guarantee for users to use trucks economically and efficiently. As the main plant of Terex mining trucks equipment, NHL has incomparable advantages compared with other suppliers: 

  1. The procurement channel of spare parts is authentic and the quality is guaranteed. Each spare part is the original trucks part, and some of the self-made parts have been sold back to Terex in the United Kingdom and the United States for many years. 
  2. Spare parts that are compliant with new and old model are reserved, and can transferred from production inventory at any time, to ensure user demand.
  3. The inventory of spare parts is large enough, and the amount is 200 million yuan. Users can use the spare parts at any time. It minimizes the waiting time .
  4. There are also branches or consignment warehouses nearby large users and in the areas where users are relatively concentrated, all of which store spare parts of corresponding models, so as to shorten the waiting time of users and make it convenient for users to use.
  5. Professional service team, can arrive at the user site in the first time for installation and technical guidance and other service support. Perfect service system ensures that every part purchased by users can get high quality service.

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