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R & D System

R & D System


The development of NHL benefits from taking the road of technological innovation. It establishes a scientific outlook on development relying on technological innovation and independent intellectual property rights. In accordance with the policy of "independent innovation, key leaps and leading the future", it takes projects and talents as two wings, and takes deepening system reform, optimizing innovation environment, building innovation system and improving incentive mechanism as four rounds, speeds up the construction of innovative type enterprises and improves the original innovation ability, integrated innovation ability and reinnovation ability of introduction, digestion and absorption.

The company insists on taking the implementation of technological innovation strategy as an important part of the enterprise's strategic objectives, continuously strengthens the mutual guidance consciousness of market and technology, focuses on new products, and takes the path of combining production, learning, research and introduction, digestion, absorption, and reinnovation, forms a technological innovation system suitable for the sustainable development of the company.

The company's management and technical center leaders attach great importance to the operation and incentive mechanism and the construction of system. Human resources department, technology center and development planning department are responsible for the formulation, release, implementation and assessment of system and operation and incentive mechanism. The general manager holds a management meeting every year to listen to the reports about implementation of the system, summarizes the implementation experience and improves the system in time. At present, there are a series of management systems, such as the implementation and reward measures of product development project responsibility system, the management measures for product development project approval, the management measures for the evaluation and appointment of technical leaders, the management measures for the awards of patents, standards and papers, and the management measures for the implementation of technological innovation awards.

In the innovation mechanism, the project responsibility system is carried out. With scientific research projects as the carrier and competition mechanism as the basis, according to the market operation mode, the technical personnel with professional theory, technical knowledge and working experience are selected as the project leaders through competitive bidding. The project leaders organically combine the technical personnel to form a project team to undertake all the work of product development. After the completion of the project, the project leaders and team members are rewarded according to the signed project contract. The implementation of the project responsibility system accelerates the research and development speed of scientific research projects, shortens the research and development cycle, greatly improves the income and treatment of project leaders and technical backbone, effectively mobilizes the enthusiasm of the majority of scientific and technological personnel, and further improves the independent innovation ability and scientific research and development ability of the technology center.

Technical leaders are the cream of professional and technical teams, representing the level and reputation of professional and technical teams. The selection of technical leaders follows the principle of openness, fairness and justice, and selects the elites in various specialties. The company provides technical leaders with higher salary level and annual fixed allowance. The implementation and improvement of the management method for technical leaders improve the level of technological innovation, train leading figures in various professional fields, create an atmosphere of respecting talents, encourage the enthusiasm of technical personnel to study professional technology, stabilize talents, and have great significance for the growth and sustainability of the team.


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