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Career Development


      Northern shares to staff their own careers and the company's goal to combine vision, the ability to continue to promote and enhance the performance of its own staff, the achievements of their own career development.

      Northern shares for employees that is planning a dual-channel management channel and specialty channels. Career development model, and career advancement through vertical and horizontal career transition offer multiple career opportunities for employees, so that employees career to a greater extent consistent with the development of the Northern shares.

       Channel management for the integrated management of the quality of strong, able to lead the team to achieve the goal of Northern shares the vision of people;

Professional channel for outstanding professional skills, be able to research breakthroughs in the areas of expertise of Northern shares people.

      The beginning of the career development of Northern shares need to focus on the accumulation of basic knowledge and skills in all aspects of the formation of a more comprehensive business knowledge and understanding. With the accumulation of knowledge and skills, Northern shares each person needs to think and choose the most suitable for their own career development, professional selection channel or channel management, develop career development plans and development within the career path.