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R & D infrastructure


  In terms of design, the use of two-dimensional CAD and Pro / E three-dimensional design software, as well as CAE analysis software; use the CAPP process planning and management process in terms of software; use PLM product lifecycle management system image file and process management; enterprise resource management has ERP management system. The software will be drawings, processes, files, processes and resources for effective management and control node product design and design quality, shorten product design cycles and improve product design quality. Application of CAD, CAE, CAPP technology features and PLM systems to achieve a 4C integration, established a top model in the digital product design and development as the core platform down.
       In testing, the current built vehicle proving ground, advanced product performance integrated testing of hydraulic test stand, the vibration laboratory various types of box-type component reliability testing performed powertrain components power and torque measurement dynamometer laboratories, etc., for our research and innovation to provide a strong support conditions.

Engineering and technical personnel use the part for three-dimensional design Proe

Engineering and technical personnel conducted utilizing ERP Process Planning

Engineering and technical personnel use ERP management and use of resources

Engineering and technical personnel for product data management using PLC