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Scientific research


       Rely on the tireless efforts of an efficient innovation system and the majority of professional and technical personnel, Northern shares created great innovations. So far, the results of the provincial and ministerial level through the identification of the products are 16, all of the leading domestic and international advanced level, especially NTE series electric wheel products reach the international advanced level on the part of the performance indicators. Completed the national "863" project 1, national Torch Program projects 9, state-level new product projects 3, 16 science and technology projects in Inner Mongolia, Baotou City, science and technology projects 31. It owns the patent 111. A total of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China North Industries Group Corporation, China Machinery Industry Federation, Baotou and North Heavy Industry Science and Technology Progress Award Group 30. Wherein the 16 provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress award, the first prize four, six second prize. Undertook seven Dump Truck relevant national standards work. Published more than 60 papers in various journals.
       In recent years, Northern shares increasing investment in science, to foster innovation capability, achieved fruitful results in terms of product development and technological innovation, the main product development are: Series of rigid mechanical drive mining trucks; articulated dump truck series ; series of electric wheel dump truck; sprinkler series of mine, coal mine trolley series; series Dropside concrete trucks; series rotary drilling rig; series of coal mine explosion-proof truck; cylinder and all kinds of parts, and achieved good economic and social benefits. Among them, the series of the rigid mechanical drive mining truck products: 3303B, 3303D, 3304,3305E, 3305F, 3305G, 3305H, 3305K, TR30, TR35, TR35A, 3307B, TR50, TR50A, TR60, TR100, TR100A, TR100D, NTS35 ; series of electric wheel dump truck products: NTE150, NTE240, NTE260; articulated dump truck series products: TA25, TA27, TA30, TA35, TA40; sprinkler series of mining products: 3303W, TR35AW, 3307W, TR50W, TR50WR, TR60W, TR100W; series of coal mine trolley products: 3307C, 3311E-C, TR50C, TR60C, TR100C; series Dropside concrete trucks LDC6, LDC-9G, LDC-9H; series rotary drilling rig products: NR2203, NR2206, NR2209, NR1803; series of coal mine explosion-proof truck products: WC5EJ, WC5EJB, WC5EJC.


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