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R & D system


      Development of Northern shares benefited take the technical innovation, and establish a relying on technological innovation, relying on independent intellectual property rights outputs the scientific concept of development, according to the "independent innovation, focusing on cross, to lead the future" approach, project and personnel for the two wings to deepen reform, optimize the environment for innovation and building innovation system and improve the incentive mechanism for the four, accelerate the construction of innovation-oriented enterprises, improve the ability of original innovation Northern shares, integrated innovation and the introduction of absorption and innovation capability.
Northern shares adhere to the implementation of technological innovation strategy as an important part of corporate strategic objectives, and constantly strengthen the market and technology-oriented mutual awareness, to focus on new products, industry, academia, research and the introduction of digestion and absorption, and innovation of combining road to form a Northern shares for sustainable development and technological innovation system.
Company management and technical central leadership attaches great importance to run and incentive mechanism and system construction, by the Human Resources Department, Technical Center, Development and Planning Department to develop incentives and running the system responsible, publishing, implementation and evaluation. General Manager of Managers meeting held every year to listen to the implementation of the system, and summarizes implementation experience, improve and perfect the system in a timely manner. System now established the "product development projects and incentives to implement the responsibility system", "product development project management approach", "technology leaders Employment management approach", "patents, standards, paper reward management approach", "technological innovation award implementation of management practices "and other series of management system.
The implementation of the project on innovative mechanisms responsible for the system to research projects as the carrier, based on the mechanism of competition, in accordance with the operation of the market, the bid selection of professional-theory, technical knowledge, work experience and technical personnel as the project leader, then in charge of the project technical staff will organically combined to form the project team, it takes over the entire product development. After the completion of the project, according to the project contract for project leaders and project team members incentives. Implementation of the project responsibility system, accelerate the speed of development of research and shorten the development cycle, but also the project manager and technical backbone of the income and benefits have a more substantial increase, effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of the vast number of scientific and technical personnel to further enhance the ability of independent innovation and research and development capabilities technology Center.
      Technology leaders is the essence of professional and technical team, representing the level of professional and technical team and reputation. The selection of technology leaders to implement an open, fair and impartial manner, in the selection of the professional elite. The company offers a higher wage level and a fixed annual allowance of technology leaders. Implementation and improvement of management practices and technology leaders to improve the level of technological innovation and cultivate professional leaders in the field, creating an atmosphere of respect for talent, largely encouraged research expertise and technical personnel enthusiasm, stable technology professionals , the team's growth and sustainability of great significance.