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Service outlets


       North Branch is a joint-stock company to reduce operating costs, accelerate after the market reaction speed, according to the distribution of the user, for a number of outside agencies in the relative concentration of user groups set up in a particular region, Northern shares currently in the country with the east, two Humeng branches.
Job Function Branch are as follows:
1. On behalf of the company and the area under the jurisdiction of the user to establish friendly and harmonious partnership.
2. Responsible for coordination of training and feedback within the radiation area of ​​the user.
3. Depending on the circumstances within the radiation region of the user, a reasonable allocation of service personnel, to provide users with satisfactory service.
4. The use of spare parts inventory subsidiaries provide fast, attentive service spare parts sales for the business area under the jurisdiction of the user.
5. According to the Department of spare parts division of the market and the corresponding sales quotas, sales of spare parts to complete the task.
6. According to their areas of jurisdiction actual needs of users and market conditions, to submit a reasonable stock of spare parts for the spare parts program section.
7. To provide protection for the safety pipe spare parts spare parts assets and subsidiaries assets.
8. According to their areas of jurisdiction actual needs of users, the company contract various forms of paid services.
9. Timely and accurate feedback to the company under the jurisdiction of regional users purchase equipment operational status information and product quality information, equipment updates, device.
10. Properly handle the user's telephone visits and correspondence visit, good reception user visiting staff.


Humeng Branch:
Founded in October 2005, is responsible for the area of ​​the northern region of Inner Mongolia Yimin, Bao coal, coal and tie Manzhouli surrounding areas. Spare parts inventory mainly TR100,3311E, 3307, common spare parts TR50,3305 other models, the amount of inventory of about 600 million.
Address: Inner Mongolia Hailar District, Hulun Buir City Railway Workers Village 11 Street No. 204

Zip Code: 021000
Phone: 0470-2233616
Fax: 0470-2233616
Contact: Qian Xinhong Zhang Lixin


East China branch:
Founded in October 2002, is responsible for the region of Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Hubei and Shandong and other regions. Spare parts inventory mainly TR100,3307, TR50,3305 other models commonly used spare parts inventory worth about 10 million yuan.
Address: Ma'anshan City-Lake Garden 34
Zip code: 243 000
Phone: 0555-2108793 13965606848
Fax: 0555-2108322
Contact: Joe Army