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Service philosophy


Service philosophy




     Product quality is the foundation of any business survival and development, and product and services is the source of any kind of product to the market of power. Because of this, Northern shares since the establishment of the company from the day consistently to improve product quality, improve service quality as the company running the core management.

       Northern shares people's wish is to make customer satisfaction. Companies from 88 since its establishment has gone through two years of ups and downs, we have learned to survive in the market changing needs test, learn the growth; forge ahead when the market demand malaise; the rapid growth of demand in the market; in response to the crisis in the life experiences of the more mature. We are always in front of self-improvement to temper the line, the quality of competition in the market honed survival of the fittest in a mine car sales from 20 sets to more than five hundred units per year, the domestic market share from zero to more than 70%. This has been achieved, thanks to Northern shares have a user needs to be able regarded as the essence of corporate culture of their own survival needs. Interpretation of the company's development process: the customer is supreme canon Northern shares survival and development.

       In 2008, according to the company's long-standing concept of user self-service features and, from the perspective of the market positioning of the official customer service guidelines Northern shares having cultural characteristics: a win-win platform, nanny service, personalized to meet the permanent support . This approach is designed to user needs-oriented, caring, thoughtful, efficient manner as a means to put every customer as Northern shares lifelong befriended through our service allows users to cost-effective use of our products to create the most value for customers. Allows users to experience Northern shares in the cause of their harvest is the most reliable partner.


The company's customer service center to bear the user's business training, service, technical support, contract maintenance, spare parts sales and service contract work, every employee on these positions can be said the most direct corporate culture practice are Northern shares By. The concept of the company's customer service policy, user policy is reflected through their work among users. Therefore, the company's employees work in the service of a higher requirement: the attitude and Wyatt user to user skills impressed, in good faith to infect users to retain user satisfaction. The company's commitment to users is: Reply in 24 hours, 48 ​​hours to the scene people, 72 hours to solve the problem. Customer Service Center employees did not live up to the trust company, Northern shares in such a company worth dedicate staff, hard to pay everyone in the exchange of goods and services is not only users praise the work, which also implies a customer trust Northern shares, meanwhile, also shows the acceptance of TEREX, NHL products in the market.


Strict and careful training is a prerequisite for users to use good equipment, the user after purchase of vehicles, training departments to the user's equipment operation and maintenance personnel training, after training the staff passed the examinations issued training certificate, equipment operation must hold "vehicle operator training certificate" in order to operate the vehicle.


In time, place of service is good user equipment guarantee. Product warranty period, the service will require users to follow strict operating procedures, maintenance of vehicles, use of fuel and spare parts to meet the requirements. Familiarize users with a variety of technical performance of vehicles, to master the use of vehicles, maintenance skills. Timely solutions to user of the vehicle during use various problems. At the same time the quality of the vehicle during use to expose the truth, and quickly back to the company to provide accurate information for the company's product quality continued to improve. Service Department is responsible for product quality problems according to the company's product warranty policy implemented warranty.


Economy, ongoing technical support is to allow users to manufacturers to maintain the trust of the effective means. Are there any product warranty period, but the Northern shares technical support for users is unlimited. As long as the user needs, Northern shares will have to provide technical support in a timely manner.


To the different needs of users to provide personalized service is the company nearly two years to adapt to the new service model of market conduct. Principal activities include: maintenance contract, service contract, repurchase equipment refurbishment and equipment rental. Professional management direction is the best way to achieve win-win cooperation equipment supply and demand sides. The user equipment to the manufacturer to repair the most professional, most at ease. In recent years, through our cooperation with Ningxia Coal Industry Group, Huaneng, China Railway 19 Bureau, TISCO, Shenhua said business users, greatly improved the condition of the vehicle to use to maximize efficiency in the use of the vehicle to further enhance the user confidence in the northern shares. We look forward to cooperation with more users of these services mode, tapping the potential of both the depth of cooperation, expand areas of bilateral cooperation. As a means to the complementary advantages, mutual win-win goal, to achieve a more perfect cooperation.


High-quality, full supply of spare parts is the user economical and efficient use of support vehicles. Northern shares as a production vehicle TEREX mining equipment OEMs, with other suppliers incomparable advantages:

1, spare parts procurement channels of authentic, quality assurance. Each of the original car parts sales are loading, of which part of the production of parts for many years sold back to the UK and US TEREX company.

2, the full range of spare parts, spare parts for old and new models have a reserve, ready to be able to make transfers and production inventory, to ensure that users demand.

3, various types of spare parts inventories, standing inventory of spare parts 200 million yuan, to ensure that users always use the spare parts in stock, will be member user stop time to a minimum.

4, large users and relatively concentrated area also has a branch near you or consignment libraries are stored corresponding vehicle spare parts to be closer to shorten user time, user-friendly.

5, professional service team, the first time to the user's site installation and technical guidance and other support services. Improve the service system to ensure that users purchased each part are able to get quality service.