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Development path


1 1988, May 15 to May 21, North Hauler Co., Ltd. The first two machines Plant Board in Inner Mongolia guest house on the third floor conference room, agreed and adopted the North Hauler Co. Board Rules , the proposal on the adjustment of the joint venture manager for the Department of institutional settings, general manager of the joint venture on, deputy general manager and members of the Department of appointment.
2, 1998, Northern shares by the National Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences approved identified as "state-level key high-tech enterprises"; by the Development Research Center of the State Council, the National Bureau of Statistics as "100 best efficiency of industrial enterprises"; by the national corporate image Certification Committee awarded the "best image of Chinese enterprises AAA-class enterprises," the title.
3, October 14, 1999, China Securities Regulatory Commission officially approved the North listed shares of 55 million yuan amount.
4, November 28, 1999, Inner Mongolia North Hauler Co., Ltd. was founded Conference and general meeting of shareholders in the company conference room. Northern shares a session of the Board of Supervisors on November 28, 1999 in the company conference room.
5, 2000 January 10, Inner Mongolia North Hauler Co. inauguration ceremony and press conference was held in Beijing's Great Hall.
6, 2000 February 28, Northern shares technical center was established.
7, 2000 June 30, Northern shares successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Stock code: 600262.
8, 2001, the northern Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Shares Technology Center by class enterprise technology Center finds.
9, October 12, 2001, Northern shares in the Technology Park groundbreaking ceremony held in the city of Baotou Rare Earth High-tech Zone, marking the Northern shares development and step onto a new level.
10, 2002, Northern shares technology center was China North Industries Group named "China North Industries Group Corporation heavy off-highway mining truck product development center."
11, 2003, Northern shares technology center recognized by the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Engineering Technology Research Center.
12, August 8, 2003, the shares fifth anniversary celebration and Northern hydraulic excavator project groundbreaking ceremony was held in the city of Baotou Rare Earth High-tech Zone.
13, September 2003, Northern shares by the National Ministry of Science and Technology "Torch Program fifteenth anniversary of the implementation of the Torch Plan of outstanding high-tech enterprises."
14, October 16, 2003, Northern shares with Terex Group signed a "joint stock company on the North in cooperation with the Terex Atlas and the framework agreement."
15, February 28, 2004, Northern shares and Terex Corporation, a joint venture Atlas Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. held the ceremony.
16, April 7, 2004, Northern shares 1000th mining vehicles off the assembly line.
17, 2006 March 28, Terex Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. was established north.
18, October 2006, Northern shares to complete China's first, the world's largest 360 tons MT5500 electric mine car wheel car welding.
19, 2006, Northern shares production TR50 mine car was named the People's Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Science and Technology Innovation brand; Northern shares were rated as brand-name enterprises independent innovation; 2006 won the regional "top ten high-tech enterprises."
20, 2006, Northern shares was named China's top ten brands influence the selection Organizing Committee, "2006 China Top 100 most influential brand" and "China's most influential mine with a force of the first car brand"; Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Commerce Northern shares jointly awarded "China's auto parts export base enterprises".
21, 2007 June 29, Northern shares, was awarded the National Federation and the National Federation of Trade Unions "double double on love" advanced enterprises.
22, 2008 April 29, shares northern Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region was rated harmonious labor relations unit.
23, 2008 June 10, Northern shares 33 Series mining trucks and NR2203 series rotary drilling rig products selected China Machinery Industry Quality Management Association, China Machinery Industry Federation machine by the network ", excellent, new mechanical and electrical product catalog" .
24, 2008 August 28, Northern shares held 20th anniversary celebration and Mining Automotive Industrial Park groundbreaking ceremony.
25, 2008 December 2, Northern shares awarded "the region's information technology work is advanced and collective" title.
26, 2008 December 10, Northern shares was awarded the "corporate integrity 2008 Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region," the title.
27, February 2009, when he was member of the Politburo, the Central Propaganda Department Liu Yunshan to Northern shares inspections.
28, August 23, 2009, the Politburo Standing Committee, Vice President Xi Jinping to the north when shares inspections.
29, 2010, Northern shares won the fourth installment of "national innovation pilot enterprises," the title, becoming one of only two home autonomous selected enterprises.
30, May 7, 2010, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Science and Technology Awards Conference held, Northern shares was named the regional Office of Science and Technology "2009 Autonomous innovative enterprises", "national high-tech enterprises and autonomous regions top ten."
31, March 21, 2011, when he Politburo Standing Committee, Vice Premier Li Keqiang when he was appointed general manager of North Industries Group Guoqing, when he was party secretary of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Hu Chunhua, Battle, accompanied by the President of the autonomous region of the company down to inspect the work.
32, May 8, 2011, Northern shares first eight TR100 mining vehicles to Russia, successfully opened the door to Russia tub market, marking the company's international markets once again made a major breakthrough.
33, August 29, 2011, Northern shares successfully completed mine with Auto Industrial Park, through a comprehensive production lines; company developed NTE260 wheel electric mine car was successfully launched; Northern shares dedicated bonded warehouse was officially opened.
34, November 2011, Northern shares by the National Science and Technology Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry and other ministries and the Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering jointly awarded the "heavy-duty off-highway mining vehicles Joint National Engineering Research Center of place", marking the Northern shares of R & D the ability to jump to the level of national innovation platform.
35, June 7, 2012, Northern shares have self-developed second round NTE150 electric mine car was successfully launched completely independent intellectual property rights.
36, June 2012, Northern shares mining vehicles successfully sent to Xinjiang, Tibet market, successfully exported to Venezuela is rich in mineral resources, Liberia, Zimbabwe and other countries. So far, Northern shares to achieve a full coverage of all provincial regions of the country, and expand foreign markets to 57 countries worldwide.
37, September 2012, Northern shares have self-developed third round NTE240 electric mine car was successfully launched completely independent intellectual property rights.
38, 2012, the face of "extremely competitive" situation tub industry, operating results Northern shares bucked the trend, realize an annual sales income of 2.554 billion yuan, an increase of 21.04%; net profit of 168.77 million yuan, an increase of 34.07% .