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Atlas Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (China Atlas) is a Sino-German joint venture of a large excavator manufacturing enterprises, established in February 28, 2004, by the Inner Mongolia North Hauler Co., Ltd. and the United States Terex (TEREX) Group a Germany Atlas (ATLAS) up joint investment company.   
Germany is the world famous Atlas excavator manufacturer in the world, there are five factories, is the world's first fully hydraulic excavator's birthplace, the ATLAS hydraulic excavators sold in Europe more than 50 years, suffered a European severe test kinds of poor working conditions, its market share in Europe of nearly 20%, the investment is established China Atlas ATLAS excavator of this renowned brand in Europe and America for the first time to enter the Asian market. 
Atlas is located in China's famous Chinese equipment manufacturing base - Baotou City, it covers an area of nearly 320,000 square meters, with 52,000 square meters of the industry's leading modern production workshop and international advanced level in the hydraulic excavator production line. China Atlas in 2005 formally adopted the ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification and IS014001: 2004 international environmental management system certification, in 2008 adopted the DIN18800-7 international welding quality system certification.
Atlas Chinese high-tech enterprises, the main production and marketing of the world's advanced level of -33 Dun ATLAS 20 ton, bucket capacity of 0.8 cubic meters -1.9 cubic ATLAS hydraulic excavator, the main models 2006LC, 2306LC , 3306LC. The series excavator has & ldquo; advanced, unique technology; power, low fuel consumption; high efficiency, low cost & rdquo; the salient features, can be widely used in mining and urban and rural construction.   
As Atlas hydraulic excavator production base in Asia and the Group structure Terex's global production base, the company & ldquo; the production of high-quality equipment, improve customer return on capital investment and efficient use of & rdquo; responsibility, positive steadily to the world-class engineering machinery enterprises into!
Northern shares with the United States Terex - 尤尼特瑞格 (TEREX & mdash; UNITRIG) company in 2006 March 28 jointly funded 50 million yuan (50/50) established the Northern Terex Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as & ldquo; Northern mining & rdquo;), co-production of large electric wheel-highway mining trucks. December 2009, the US mining equipment giant Bucyrus (Bucyrus) invested $ 1.3 billion acquisition of TEREX mining sector, where companies are 尤尼特瑞格 respective foreign shareholders northern mining has become a Bucyrus. November 2010 Caterpillar (Caterpillar) also proposed the overall acquisition of Bucyrus programs such subsidiaries northern mining Northern shares of foreign shareholders, it is a Cat.  
Terex northern mining company was founded more than 150 tons directly to the mine car manufacturing technology directly to the introduction of domestic, not only to fill the gaps in large tonnage mine car manufacturing technology, but also spans forty years of research and development abroad course, we shorten the distance to reach the international level. Major existing electric drive mining company truck models are: 120,150,170-190,190-205,240-260 and 360 tons, mostly for copper, coal, gold and iron ore.  
Located prairie Frank's & ldquo; Terex & mdash; Northern Mining Machinery Co., & rdquo; will provide users with world-class large-tonnage electric wheel tub.